In Memoriam



This page is dedicated to Alexis Tioseco. You can drop your words about him at this page.

This Is Not An Elegy

Vinita Ramani Mohan

News of Alexis and Nika reached me on 2nd September sometime around 12pm. It was a hot day and I was waiting to take a bus to some place to have lunch. I was starving. When the phone call from ASEF’s David Ocon came, I was excited. I’d been slowly trying to re-connect disparate threads in the arts community. I wanted to tell them, “I’m back!” I wanted to do it before they could ask me the proverbial question: “When are you leaving?” I’d somehow gotten the reputation for always leaving. Singapore had become a transit stop, not a home, and friends had become acquaintances. I’d always been thirsty for community, but I was always building transient ones.